Dark Visions
By LLSanders
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Maxine Shepard is a tarot reader who has survived several traumas in her twenty-five years of life. Without living parents, trusty friends, or a loyal partner, she is unfulfilled and lonely, seeking meaning outside of her tarot shop. Bombarded with visions of a mysterious man with a strange tattoo, Maxine's world is turned upside down when he enters her shop, claiming she is the only one who can help him return to his true home. After reuniting with her old gang to aid the odd man, they become trapped in the maze of the mysterious Manaan caverns where they must fight against the natural and supernatural to stay alive. --- [Wattpad Picks: Editor's Choice] [Wattpad Picks: Friday the 13th] [ ONC 2019 Shortlist ] 🏆 2nd place in the Materia awards 2019 in Paranormal. --- Copyright © 2019 by L.L. Sanders

1: Wispy Visions of Shadow

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Dark Visi...
by LLSanders