The Blossoming Stor...
By TheBSAwards
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STATUS - CLOSED Hey everyone! Welcome to the first season of The Blossoming Story Awards! Do you want your work to be recognised? Does no one appreciate your work? Then my friend, you have landed on the right place! Here, we want the talented and amazing writers to get the fame they deserve! Participate and win many prizes, along with getting great advices from our judges! BOOKS UNDER 20K READS ARE ACCEPTED! *Available genres* - (ALL ARE FULL) Action/Adventure (FULL) Chick Lit (FULL) Fantasy (FULL) Historical/General Fiction (FULL) Horror/Paranormal (FULL) Mystery/Thriller (FULL) Romance (FULL) Science Fiction (FULL) Short Story (FULL) Teen Fiction (FULL) Werewolf/Vampire (FULL) And we are sorry that we are NOT ACCEPTING POETRY AND FANFICTION AT THE MOMENT :) For other rules and info, please check inside! Your host - @VismayVairagi ____________ #1 in blossomingawards #1 in bookcontest #1 in wpcontest #2 in genre #3 in participants #3 in contests #4 in winners #4 in writingcontest #5 in review #5 in reviews #15 in awards #15 in awards #18 in contest


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The Bloss...
by TheBSAwards