Brothers best frien...
By tombboyforlife
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Y/n Cade, Johnnys younger sister. Nobody sees her cause she's always locked away in her room to avoid her dads beatings. When Y/n does get face to face with her dad Johnny gets in the way so he hits him and not her. Nobody remembers the last time Y/n left her room. To be honest, she dosnt even know, its always school then back to her room. One day Johnny decides to get her out of the house and takes her to the lot to hang out with his friends. Johnny never took you to meet his friends cause he didnt want you getting mixed up with them. But he feels like you desearve a day out of the house. You finally meet the one Johnny doesnt stop talking about. His best friend Dallas winston and Poney boy curtis. Dallas starts to take a liking into you.

Chapter one

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by tombboyforlife