The Life And Death...
By TheOreoOnly
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All my life I had been told day in, day out how worthless I am. My blood proved that time doesn't heal all scars. Somehow I managed to be the most powerful Queen in the realm. Yet I wondered if I jumped off a bridge would anyone care about me? -/- A journey of how five different races (Vampire, Fae, Werewolves, Sprits and Soul Keepers) had to come together to save the world. Their mission was simple: kill the enemy aka Chira Travaski - which they did. But after Chira's death everyone around them seems to be the enemy. During the journey, they uncover a dark twisted web of lies that dates back to the foundation of all powers. The line between lies and truth has become so invisible that they had to wonder where they the only good people and who was their Queen? Now who can one really trust with their lives and was killing Chira a deadly mistake? -/- Don't read this book in the dark. ✩ This symbol means it's a chapter ✩ | No Cliches In This Book | | Copyrighted 2020© | | Dark Humour | | Updated |

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The Life...
by TheOreoOnly