His Sex Kitten
By tamlaura1
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Cover made by JeniRaeD-----------Kyle Hicks, twenty-seven-year-old from Las Vegas, owner of one of the best hotel and casino could have any woman he wanted, but they all wanted more than sex, they wanted a ring on their finger and to be Mrs. Kyle Hicks. He was always on the lookout for someone who was willing to have sex with no strings. One day he was looking up pets on the internet, his niece was wanting a kitten so he thought he would surprise her with one. He typed in kittens and a site came up called Sex Kittens for rent. He was curious so he clicked on it. He was shocked to see it was a site where one could have a woman come to stay with you for however long you wanted her too and she would do whatever you wanted her to do. He almost signed out but decided to give it a try, he did need someone to satisfy his needs and as he was going away for two weeks it would be nice to take someone with him. Finding a picture of a young, shy hot looking blond he clicked on the auction button and put in his bid. He had no idea what was in store for him, what troubles lied ahead. The site would prove to be more than a sex dating site. He could either turn his back on the girl he gets or does what needs to be done to save her and destroy the Sex Kitten site.

Chapter 1

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His Sex K...
by tamlaura1