Alpha Valerie: What...
By lizbehdez05
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"I, Holden Parker, reject you, Valerie Queen, as my mate," He spoke once he made up mind. But as he looked at her, all she did was smile as if his rejection pleased her. "I, Valerie Queen, accept your rejection," she said without an ounce of hesitation. "Wait what?" he asked, confused, "That's it? You're not gonna cry? Complain? Nothing?" "No. Honestly, if you hadn't rejected me, I would've rejected you," she said perplexing Holden even further. "You see, Holden, I have plans. Plans that don't involve a mate." ~ Valerie Queen, she is easily one of the best alphas who has ever existed. Due to some unfortunate events she had to become an alpha at the age of eleven. She never forgot what happened and never let it go. This has caused her many problems growing up. With most everyone she ever really cared about gone, she's sworn to protect them at all cost. They however don't know what happened to her. No one really knows. Only her, and she hasn't spoken about it once, but that doesn't mean it doesn't still haunt her. Holden Parker has a nice life. He has the money, the looks, the girls, and soon, the title. He has it all and he didn't even have to lift a finger, but when his father is starting to doubt how he will lead as an alpha, he sends him away to a place he is sure he will improve. Holden, of course, doesn't like this. But, he will finally get the thing he's never had. His mate, though he never wanted one to begin with. Neither did she, but fate says otherwise.


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Alpha Val...
by lizbehdez05