The Record Shop Thi...
By toomuchtohandle21
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|××××××××××|××××××××××| Fia Ricci is enticing. Annoying as hell. But enticing nonetheless. Joel Barner isn't that bad. He's not great. But he's not that bad. |××××××××××|××××××××××| For the first time, I see the ugly lines etched-out on my skin. It covers half of my shoulder and the rest is spread out over some of my chest. The men out in that room look at the black ink and see their power. But, as I'm looking at it, I see its power over me. |××××××××××|××××××××××| They live in one of the most dangerous towns in America. It smells like burning liquor and cheap perfume at night-and boredom during the day. Nobody ever stays for too long, or leaves unless they have a death wish. They all come from different backgrounds, posess different morals, and weaknesses. But they all have the same goal. Stay alive and get out. Follow three young adults, Fia, Joel, and Matteo, on their journey to defeat the higher-ups in their lives. |××××××××××|××××××××××| Copyright © All Rights Reserved

the record shop thief wears a jean jacket

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The Recor...
by toomuchtohandle21