Good Things Come In...
By sodamnrad
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"I want to know you." He looked deep into my grey eyes, "No you don't." "Yes I do." I was stubborn. "I want to know all the good things and," I stroked his jaw, staring at his pink lips before pulling my gaze to his addictive eyes, "the bad." "I'm all bad." He ran his fingers down my torso towards the waistband of my jeans making me shiver at the touch of his hot hand on my bare stomach. "That isn't true." I denied. "You want to be bad but you can't do it. You can't be dark all the time." "I can try." He whispered, tugging on my bottom lip with his teeth. *** When Sam's father dies, she has no choice but to move in with her father's close friends - Mark and Donna Charlens. The Charlens' have triplets her age. Good-natured, athletic Terry. Gorgeous, popular Ashton. And dark, rebellious Roman. Sam finds herself tangled up in their lives as she falls hard for one of the charming brothers - after Donna clearly tells her they're off-limits. But Sam's troubles don't stop there, her father had a past. One that Sam is almost completely clueless of - until it comes for her at full force. [completed 06.25.15]

Good Things Come In Threes

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Good Thin...
by sodamnrad