Prometheus Framed
By mestrin
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Everyone knows Prometheus stole fire and gave it to humanity. Except maybe he didn't do it. Maybe Prometheus is innocent-unjustly chained to a rock, unfairly sentenced to have his liver eaten on the daily. Maybe Prometheus was just a patsy in a conspiracy of Olympic proportions. At least, those are the claims put forth in a series of mysterious edits to the Prometheus Wikipedia page. But with the tech team at Wikipedia unable to identify the culprit, the job falls to Alice Waters, a Wikipedia fact-checking intern with zero tolerance for lies or lactose, to figure out what really happened. But interviewing the Gods after all these years won't be easy. Clio, the Greek God of history, hasn't kept up with her reading in retirement. Hephaestus, whose workshop Prometheus allegedly stole fire from, is still bitter about divorcing Aphrodite and angry that Amazon has cut into his business. Meanwhile, the sole witness is Dionysus, who's happy to help Alice untangle the questions she has about her sexuality, but totally unreliable when it comes to providing an alibi for his old drinking buddy, Prometheus. But the more Alice digs, the closer she gets to the truth-not just about the invention of fire and the origins of humanity, but about our future and that of our planet. Which is why, whether Alice realizes it or not, her investigation has upset some very powerful Gods. And if she's not careful, one of those Gods might just feed her to the Minotaur.

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by mestrin