Like Lambs Led
By JamarStRogers
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • bingeworthy
  • biracial
  • bullying
  • cmc2019
  • demon
  • diversity
  • ewa2019
  • featured
  • guilt
  • haunted
  • kidnapped
  • mentalillness
  • mystery
  • necromancer
  • novella
  • oklahoma
  • opennovellacontest2019
  • paranormal
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  • teen
  • teenthriller
  • thelitawards2019
  • thriller
  • twins
  • wattys


[ Former Wattpad Picks: Editor's Choice] [2019 ONC Ambassador Pick] [Open Novella Contest Longlist] [Completed] Moriah Hanlon is a new, biracial girl in Pachuck, Oklahoma trying to come to terms with her twin sister's death while also adjusting to her mom's psychotic episodes. When a foreign exchange student goes missing, Moriah discovers unsettling things about Pachuck's dark past. Things like kidnappings, sacrifices, and a weird obsession with hogs. After a secret club leaves letters addressed to her, claiming to "watch her", she fears she'll meet the same fate as the missing foreign exchange student. Now, Moriah has 24 hours to figure out who's behind the kidnappings, or she might be next. Inspired by a writing prompt from The Open Novella Contest, Like Lambs Led gives us a glimpse into an Oklahoma town that's willing to kill for their secrets. 🐺 🐺 🐺 05/26/19 #1 Bingeworthy 02/20/19 #1 Teen Thriller 02/20/19 #12 Open Novella Contest 02/01/19 Featured Wattpad Picks: Editor's Choice 01/16/19 #10 Novella 01/16/19 #6 Identity 01/16/19 #1 Oklahoma


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Like Lamb...
by JamarStRogers