If The Deep Sea For...
By c_larrepark
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • adopted
  • badboy
  • bigbrother
  • coldheartedman
  • law
  • lawyer
  • memoryloss
  • modern
  • mystery
  • psychology
  • siblings
  • unknownidentity
  • youngersister


Disclaimer: Neither the picture nor the content belong to me. They are uploaded here, not for any bad purpose but for entertainment only. Author: Su Fling Translator : Atlas Studio PREVIEW. When Xia Qingyi wakes up and finds herself in a hospital without any memories of her past, what else can she do other than to approach the person who had saved her? Enter Mo Han, a renowned barrister in the legal world famous for his coldness, arrogance, and competence. With no one to take care of Xia Qingyi, Mo Han finds himself with no other choice but to act as her elder brother for the time being. However, it does not take long for him to realize that there was something wrong with the girl. What's up with her ability to read others at a drop of a hat? How is she so adept in fighting? Just... who in the world is this girl? With his world being turned upside down with the appearance of this mysterious girl whose new world has nothing else but him, Mo Han's search for her lost memories begins... Disclaimer: If this novel is yours, please let us share this novel to everyone else and send us your credit. We display your credit to this novel! If you don't please tell us too, We respect your decision. IF THE DEEP SEA FORGETS YOU BY SU FLING Additional information: to have more access to the story feel free to visit https://www.petreon.com/ifthedeepseeforgetsyou in this link you can have access for the whole story

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If The De...
by c_larrepark