and Beatrice will c...
By hotpepperluke
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| SUPERNATURAL FANFICTION | Fifteen year old Beatrice Reign has only known her family as her mother and grandparents in Burkitsville, Indiana. She grew up surrounded with the most love a person can, she loved life. Even after her grandparents had gone missing, she still loved life to the fullest along side her mother, Jane. In 2013, Beatrice runs away to Missouri after the passing of her beloved mother. She meets the two brothers who are well-known in the supernatural world, the hunters that most supernatural creatures are afraid of. The ones who have and will continue to destroy but also save the world. Not being very accepted by them, she was sent to Jody's as a safe haven for the young girl. Where everyone thought she could try to live an ordinary life as much as possible, despite being on the news as a runaway. The demons and angels have known since her birth but when will the Winchester's find out? When will they come to find that she's the daughter of one of the legacies? Will she still be unaccepted? A mother, who was afraid. A daughter, who is wanted. And a legacy, who is unaware.

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and Beatr...
by hotpepperluke