A Heart of Stone wi...
By Just_Keep_Moving
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"I steal smiles, Anu. That's how I live. I stole the smile of an innocent cherry tree. One who I brought in my life only to then burn it to the ground. You, Reema, my mother all are the same for me. And I am afraid, soon, I will steal it from my son too," ***************************************** 'Even after Anu's marriage to Neel, her husband, remained an enigma to her. His myriad faces that she saw over time. The man of the house. The stone. The facade. And yet, the forlorn.' Anu, a free-spirited 21-year-old woman, forced by circumstances, agrees to marry a widower with a child. But what surprises her is that the man is not what she thought of him. As she gets to know him, she finds out his scars, both on his back and his heart. Battling her own demons of the past, can she help a wretched man, one who is without any hope, see the light in the world? Two unlikely people lost in their own lives are joined by fate in an unlikely union. Would they be able to find themselves amongst their own doubts, fears and sadness? Note - Let me ask you, what's a typical story that you have heard, my friends? Rich guy marries a poor girl? The guy is dashing, the girl is gorgeous. And they live happily ever after. Familiar tale right? This is not that tale. It is a tale of life, of understanding the meaning of silence, and of trying to move forward breaking the chains of past The story is set in India but the context is very simple. Wherever necessary I have added details hence the story can be understood by everyone, anywhere in the world. Another thing, dear reader, I am not hungry for votes. I am hungry to learn. I would love if you can share your views with me, so I can grow while writing this book. This book is a journey and I am inviting you with me to embark on the ride.

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A Heart o...
by Just_Keep_Moving