The Golden Suits: M...
By ryanbmogul
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Romance, action-adventure, thriller, teen-scy-fi In a time where your path is pre-determined and confined by social boundaries, one individual will rise up and not only alter his destiny but that of everyone. While on a personal journey for answers, Atticus will confront his best friend, his past and countless enemies. Join this action-packed thrill ride filled with passion, sex and betrayal. Fasten your seat belts for the 1st Installment of The Golden Suits: Myth or Legend. *********************PREVIEW*************************** *Action* "This is to the death I thought" The only thing left to do was pull the trigger but I couldn't. Then I heard my father's voice echoing in my head; "You can do it Atticus" Followed by flashes of Sarah falling to the ground... "Boom" direct hit... *Adventure* "It's ok now Natasha, I'm here" she looked up at me and smiled, and then finally the awe factor came seeping out of her. "Wow that was amazing Atticus, the suit... and you" she blushed and said "wow" *Romance* "Don't you think that's a bit rude to just assume I would sleep with you Atticus" "can I take a shower?" I smiled and replied, "There is room for one more!" *Betrayal* I witnessed disgust on Josh's face... he looked at me in a way I never saw before, hatred. *********************************************************


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The Golde...
by ryanbmogul