Theory Of Love [Eng...
By rxxxome_
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What kind of situation or time that makes you want to swear "Damn it!" the most? Is it when you're walking on the pavement and suddenly getting splashed by a car? Or is it when you watch a movie with high expectations but it turns out to be the other way around? For me, it's when I discover I've given my heart to someone, giving it my all, but that someone is my best friend in the same gang, who would never look at me the same way. I wake up every morning to see his face and be with him just to see him bringing girls back to his room every night. Do you have any idea how messed up this situation is...? But no matter how many times I cuss, or how many times I heal my heart by standing under the showerhead with water running down my body and my sad song on, when tomorrow comes, a secret will remain a secret. I can only stay quiet and keep on loving him one-sidedly, all because we are (no longer) friends. For whom it may concern, this novel was originally from Jittirain. I am not doing this translation for money and yes, I don't have the permission to translate this because when I asked her about this... She said the copyright is not on her hand but I am here, continuing to do this. But if the writer would like to take this down, then it's a goodbye.

Chapter 1

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Theory Of...
by rxxxome_