My Two Desirable Pr...
By bbutterrfly19
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{18+ WARNING | SMUT} Love, Lust, Money, or Power. "Why pick one when you can have both?" A love triangle between Rose Mikaelson, Tom Riddle, and Draco Malfoy. ∆ Mature Content Begins In Chapter 9 ∆ Please VOTE & COMMENT This story contains sexual, violent, and upsetting scenes. Genre; dark comedy, romance •°•°•°•°•°•°•°• Prologue; Rose Mikaelson (y/n), an immortal, hybrid witch, heir of Gryffindor and princess of France joins Hogwarts in Year 5. In which the Dark Lord returns as young Tom Riddle with the sake of a Ritual Stone being kept in secret and Draco Malfoy as a disobedient follower. Rose (y/n) is the youngest daughter of King Henry ll and Queen Pres of France. Her powers showed at a young age and when she turned 11 she got her first Hogwarts letter but her parents rejected it. Her parents sent her when she was 16 as a 5th year so she could prove her best. However, Dumbledore only accepts Rose to protect Harry. Insanity grows in Hogwarts when a distant relative named Klaus Mikaelson, appears and claims that he wants to marry the soon to be Queen of France. Is it for power? Or is their some other motive? News reaches Dumbledore when Tom decides to attend Hogwarts again, this provokes Dumbledore's quest to investigate Tom's involvement in Hogwarts since the Ministry is afraid. Once Rose (y/n), is welcomed to Hogwarts, she finds a dark past and a boy with a secret. What will happen next? Read. °•°•° A.N [author's note]: I own the characters Rose Mikaelson, Troye Lovegood, and Grant Jefferson. •°•Worlds Collide Series•°• I don't own any of the other HP, TVD, TO, RD, ST, and Marvel characters. The character credits goes to them. Highest Ranking: #1 in Draco #1 in Tom #1 in Potter #1 in HarryPotterMovies #3 in Malfoy #4 in Riddle #1 in Credence #1 in Weasley #2 in Tom Riddle #2 in HarryPotterMovies #2 in Severus Snape #3 in Albus #7 in Hagrid #8 in Voldemort #23 in Scamander #25 in


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My Two De...
by bbutterrfly19