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This book will be finished by somebody else. ************ Denki, in the spur of the moment, blurts out that he may or may not have a girlfriend and it soon spreads to his entire class, but it isn't true.. Whatsoever. With everyone asking to meet the girl, he throws himself deeper into the lie. Eventually he grows desperate and extremely anxious of what his friends will think when they've found out that he was lying- by chance, he gets sent to detention under frustrating circumstances and meets a weird girl there.. you. The weird girl that's way too sassy for her own good and is amazing at pushing people away, and on top of that, a strong quirk.. but she's somehow not in the hero course. While figuring out his dilemma and just who she is, with that comes the weirdness of General Ed, denial, secrets, blackmail, sex, and maybe love. Maybe. COVER BY: @Katsukifangirl2004 **Will contain mature/sexual content, slightly graphic violence, etc. Proceed with caution. More info in A/N. **Ongoing. Really enjoying writing this so expect updates, but chapters are usually long so it will take time. **2nd person. hiatus.

Author's Note

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by Sakibane