The Billionaires Sw...
By pearl_love_27
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Nicholas, or as he is known by his small group of friends as Nick, has finally taken over his fathers Empire. Having a harsh father and no mother while growing up has hardened Nick in ways no can comprehend. He is known to never feel a thing nor does he care what happens to anyone. He became a cold hearted man. Until that day. Perla Summers has officially lost her job as the head of graphic design section at WC as they shut down due to low income. She is now inclined to go to a job interview at Adonis Corps which has been taken over by the irresistible Nicholas Adonis himself. Perla has always been rather compassionate and loving and never doubted herself or anyone for that matter. Until that day. ~×~×~

The Billionaires Sweetheart

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The Billi...
by pearl_love_27