She Gets Me (COMPLE...
By iliannabinoche
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****DISCLAIMER**** After years of pain and suffering, Luca accepts a cold hard fact. It is truly impossible to please everyone, so he focuses everything on pleasing one and only one person... HIMSELF. Now, he has it all... the CAREER... the MONEY... the POWER. Luca is affluent enough to make significant changes in his life as well as affect change in the lives of others. Even though he wields great power, he strives to remain humble while looking out for those who are less fortunate. But as the saying goes, "Anything that looks to good to be true, probably isn't true at all." The one bad characteristic of the otherwise awe-inspiring businessman is his pet-peeve regarding very specific misbehaviors of others which draw out a mild case of insanity in him. Torren moved to the city for a new life. With the best job she could imagine and a great friend who has treated her like family for years, the 25-year-old country girl can't think of one thing she would change about her new life, well, except for her relationship with her next-door neighbor. His hate for her is so obvious, but she is at a total loss from her many attempts to pinpoint what caused the rift between them in the first place. Will Torren and Luca destroy each other because of their decision to 'hate instead of love thy neighbor' or will they learn to live across from one another in perfect peace? ***TRIGGERS: This story contains emotional-mental-physical-psychological abuse, controversial sexual relationships, and male dominance. ****


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She Gets...
by iliannabinoche