Deja Vu
By getout_imreading
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All her life, Aanya Sharma has only ever dreamt of and worked towards achieving one goal: getting into her dream university in America. Growing up in India, all her friends looked up to the west for its music, its celebrities, and its glamour, but Aanya has been attracted to the States for entirely different reasons. She feels a pull inside her, tugging her to the United States; a feeling she could never explain. Now, at 18, when her lifelong dream comes true: she gets accepted into the University of Michigan, her dream university; Aanya is euphoric and thrilled about the possibilities that it brings along. She knows that her whole life will change. But Aanya was in no way ready for what was in store for her in Michigan. A mess of nightmares, and visions she can't make sense of, Aanya feels a strong connection to Daniel Adams as soon as she lays her eyes on him. With him, she feels special and valued- her life turning into the perfect picture she had imagined. But what happens when Shawn Walker crashes into her life like a meteor and turns it upside down with revelations which go against all her beliefs but explain everything happening in her life. Stuck in between new friends, forbidden feelings and a city which feels like home to her; will Aanya be able to endure the roller coaster ride that her life has become? Or will she let the demons of her past consume her?


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Deja Vu
by getout_imreading