Nord and the Bord |...
By renesmeewolfe
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How much is a human life worth? What about a whole planet filled with humans? Nord is a mess, so the speak. He's in college, but doesn't know what he wants to do. He lives with his mom, but he's not positive if he wants to be on his own. With no confidence, no self-with, and no muscle mass, Nord isn't really sure what he's able TO do. Until Sephira, a gorgeous alien from the Planets Bord shows up saying she's transferred her super-powers into him and it's up to Nord to save the universe... in two months?! Well, Nord, you'd better get to training, or you can kiss your galaxy goodbye. + + + Complete + + + "Him? The scrawny, weak one?" The first being smirked with a scoffing laugh. "You said I could pick my opponent from any time, any universe, and any planet. I choose this child." "How do you expect me to get him powerful enough in time?" The first smirked, his razor-sharp teeth glinting in the light. "I don't." In a puff, he vanished, and the second was left alone to worry about the fate of the universe.


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Nord and...
by renesmeewolfe