Nord and the Bord |...
By renesmeewolfe
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How much is a life worth? Are we truly deserving of love? Nord is a mess, so to speak. He's in college, but doesn't know what he wants to do. He lives with his mom, but he's not positive if he wants to be on his own. With no confidence, no self-with, and no muscle mass, Nord isn't really sure what he's able TO do. Until Sephira, a gorgeous alien from the Planets Bord shows up saying she's transferred her super-powers into him and it's up to Nord to save the universe... in two months?! Well, Nord, you'd better get to training, or you can kiss your galaxy goodbye. + + + Complete Preorder now! + + + "Him? The scrawny, weak one?" The first being grinned with a scoffing laugh. "You said I could pick my opponent from any time, any universe, and any planet. I choose this child." "How do you expect me to get him powerful enough in time?" The first smirked, his razor-sharp teeth glinting in the light. "I don't." In a puff, he vanished, and the second was left alone to worry about the fate of the universe.


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Nord and...
by renesmeewolfe