It started with a k...
By Princehyxnjin
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Jeongin's POV "I really don't know how to handle all the problems I had" Hyunjin is my Classmate since Elementary but I do respect him a lot because He is older than me and He really do have so many problems. "Stop drinking hyung! It can make your health bad!" I get the Alcohol from his hands and put it away. "Hey jeongin give me that!" "No!" It can make his health worst so I will not give it to him "This can make your health bad! We are both Teen agers!" "Are you giving me that alcohol or not?" wth Hyunjin hyung is staring at me like He will kill me If I do not give the Alcohol "I will not!" I insist. "Hyung I can listen in all your problems can you stop drinking alcohol?" I said "I will never leave you even everyone leaves you, I will not leave you so st-" I stopped when Hyunjin suddenly kissed me and I really don't know what to do when he suddenly put his arms around my waist. I respond in every kiss he gave me and all I know is I love this kiss. "Are you giving the alcohol or not?" fcked He kissed me for that Alcohol??!? I gaved him the Alcohol and leave his house Immediately. I don't know why my Heart beats so fast. It makes me so uncomfortable! I'm Straight for god sake! Fuck you Hyung! Fuck you Hwang Hyunjin!

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It starte...
by Princehyxnjin