The Forbidden Mafia...
By SignorinaAnon
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**Cover by @AndiApplexoxo** He was nothing like other men that she'd met in her life. He was different. She knew he was. But he was forbidden. She was beautiful. He saw her and it was all over. Love at first sight. No other woman made him feel the way she did. But she was forbidden. A rivalry that runs ages deep keeps them apart..... Or does it? She wants him and he wants her. No problem right? It doesn't have to be like Romeo and Juliet, right? Instead of two families standing in the way, there's just one. Just one man standing in the way of their happiness. His name? You know his name. Il Diavolo. Vincenzo Bianchi. Her father. Both men are Kings. Both are ruthless and unforgiving. But one will have to bow down if there is peace. One will have to bow down if there is to be a Happily Ever After...... The question is.... Which one will break first? Which one will be the first to bow? Will either get the chance to bow or will someone or something get in the way? Only one way to find out...... ~~~~~~~~~~~~ This story contains mature content. Read at your own risk. You've been warned.

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The Forbi...
by SignorinaAnon