Broken & Frozen...
By PepperRavenBat
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Note: Broken & Frozen falls into the category of PG-rated media for older kids. Although it is based on the television series Unikitty!, it is not targeted towards very young children as it contains heavy topics such as death. Viewer discretion is advised. It's a breezy summer for Unikitty and her BFFs. They're planning on throwing a huge bash to start it off, with exciting events such as an electric parade. When they head out to the caves outside of town to collect the rocks Dr. Fox needs to power laser machines, however, they run into a terrible problem that sends them on a quest. Along the way, several strange things happen such as a blossoming romance between Dr. Fox and Hawkodile, the crew learning a history of Dr. Fox, and the return of a tormented prince who had sought revenge because of something very terrible that had happened to him. (This book is inspired by Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 and the Disney movie success, Frozen. The cover was done by the amazing @AngelTheLEGOFan. Also, this is my first story, so feedback is appreciated.)


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Broken &a...
by PepperRavenBat