Iron Witch
By bittersweet_wounds
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"She's as Strong as Iron, She's as powerful as a witch. She was an assasin she has done so much You don't know her for who she is I've known her for 80 years And I haven't even scratched the surface. She may have commited mistakes but she's cleaned the Blood on her hands with saving quadruple amount of lives originally tooken." --After being born as a mutant able to teleport, Luna was Enhanced By Hydra with their version of the super solder serum In 1946. She becomes a sheild agent In 2000 and joins Various missions is one of the founding memebers of the Avengers.. -- I dont own any Marvel Or mcu characters. I dont own Story archs from Marvel studios Or Marvel comics, Credits To everyone who took part in creating These characters, This is all for entertainment purposes only--

Crimson Widow

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Iron Witch
by bittersweet_wounds