Mine for the Year
By catrynaa
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Damon Blackwood. Soon to be CEO of Blackwood Industries. If you asked people to describe him, the first words that come to mind are "stoic" and "mean." But if he wants to inherit his dad's company, he has to prove his maturity. So of course, he lies. He says he has a fiancé. Now he just has to find one. Olivia Lanhurst had nowhere to turn to. Parents dead, brother in the hospital, she did whatever she could to pay her bills on time. At 19, she gave up her dream of attending college in order to support her brother. When their worlds collide, sparks fly. But with these sparks comes the danger of fire. Join Olivia and Damon on their adventure as they form friendships, adventures, and maybe even love. ~ ~ ~ When the pain was finally over, I relaxed and opened my eyes, only to find Damon looking down at me, an unknown emotion clouding his eyes. I gasped in embarrassment when I realized that I'd been holding on to his arm this entire time. "Sorry!" I squeaked. He ignored me and turned around. "Jackson, you can go back to driving now." Jackson, who still hadn't spoken a word to me, nodded and silently went back to the partition. The car stopped and the two men switched spots again. Gabe and Damon kept giving each other looks. "Will someone please tell me what is going on right now?" I finally asked. Damon looked over at Gabe, who gave him a small smirk and nod. Damon looked straight at me. "Olivia, marry me." highest rankings: #1: comedy #20: romance


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Mine for...
by catrynaa