By the Angel
By Tori_Stories1
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Clary Fray is a fighter, or at least she has been ever since that night. The night that changed everything. Her life was almost taken out from under her but rather than let fear take control, she uses it to fuel her lust for revenge. She joins the Shadows of the Night, which is one of the two best fight clubs in NY. She has a plan: Be the best, never lose, feel nothing, and never go back to the girl she used to be. But what happens when the one man that can make her feel alive again turns out to not only be her rival, but the leader of Legends of the fall? Jace Wayland is the worst possible person Clary Fray could fall for but that doesn't stop her from tumbling into that golden abyss. Jace Wayland, the bad boy no girl could ever tame, has finally met his match. The second he laid eyes on the feisty red head he was mesmerized. Clary, the girl with the fiery red hair and fierce heart, is hypnotized by those golden eyes that seem to stare into her soul, but their journey won't be easy. Valentine will stop at nothing to ruin Clary's life and Jace is just another obstacle he must get rid of to make that happen. Will Valentine destroy everything his daughter holds dear? Will Clary take over Shadows of the night? Will Jace put her over his fighters? And who was behind the attack that fateful night? Clary has been through hell; will she ever be the same? Only time will tell. I do not own any rights to the TMI series this is just fanfiction.

Chapter 1

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By the An...
by Tori_Stories1