✅ Girls of the El...
By ZuiMisanamo
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Four young elites of Corona are sent to Gilmore high for a lesson to be learned after Chaeyoung disobeyed her grandfather. Chaeyoung, Dahyun, Tzuyu and Jeongyeon are up for a normal life in highschool until they met a shy Introvert named Mina Hiyouitozaki, who loves reading books and hanging out with her sisters Momo and Sana. Something is going on in Gilmore city ever since they met Mina. Is there more to know about Mina and her sisters? are the Hiyouitozaki Sisters say who they say they are? Who.. Is trying to kill the Elites? Who is lying..? English is not my first language so please be nice This is my First Fanfic ever so we hope you guys would enjoy it. Writing style may change, since we are only writing using our phones so please bear with us! THANKYOU. PS. This is just a hobby :) *Multi ship - ish* MITZU VS MICHAENG - R&M Thanks to the awesome Ranks 💕 we are happy you guys liked it :) Started: Jan 20, 2019 Ended: May 27, 2019 Highest ranks: #5 Jeongmi 02/15/19 #6 mochaeng 2/22/19 #6 sachaeng 2/22/19 #1 Sachaeng 3/13/19 #5 Mochaeng 3/13/19 #1 Satzu 4/9/19 #1 Sachaeng 4/9/19 #7 Satzu 5/1/19

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✅ Girls...
by ZuiMisanamo