Son of Maleficent
By CharlieGlambert
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"Have you ever fall in love?" asked Tommy. I looked away and sighed. "I don't know how love feels like!" I said. *** Adam is the son of the most evil villain in history. The witch who tried to kill Aurora a long time ago. Her name is Maleficent. Adam and his sister Mal grew up on The Isle of the lost. They both loves to paint with graffiti and steal. He also like to take care of his dragon. One day he hears his mother say that they'll be sent off to Auradon to start at a boarding school. He doesn't want to hang out with perfect princes and princesses. But he change his mind when Maleficent tells him to steal the fairy godmother's wand. The wand has the power to free all the villains on the island. When Adam meet Tommy who's son of Sleeping Beauty, he feels something that he hasn't felt before. It can't be love, because his heart is rotten to the core. Tommy tells him that he doesn't need to be like his mother and being evil is not the only thing in the world. Adam doesn't want to be evil anymore, he wants to be a good person. He's ready to follow his heart and make own decisions. ~Based on Disney Descendants~

Isle of the lost

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Son of Ma...
by CharlieGlambert