The Order Of Machia...
By Estyshawl
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"I swear to you, I won't stop until your legs are shaking, and the neighbors know my name..." Dominikov Machiavelli ~~~~~ Meet VIVIENNE FITZMAN, multi billionaire "well, let me introduce myself. I'm the bitch you try as much as possible to never fuck with. I'm going to make you think that you're dying...feel like you're dying...even see that you're dying, meanwhile in real life, you could never have been more fucking alive" "YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE A FEDERAL JUDGE!" he screamed out "yes I am. but sometimes I act as jury and executioner too" Now, what happens when she makes a mistake? She fucked with the wrong man... Dominikov Machiavelli. the leader of the order of Machiavelli. An organization that made the Illuminati seem like child's play. A man that held the reigning strings over world leaders. This wasn't the mafia. No. this was the man you sent to exterminate the fucking mafia. No one outside the order had ever seen how he looked like and lived to tell about it. A shadow behind an organization that could grant you your innermost three wishes. for a price of course. oh, he wasn't a genie. He was the devil. "I want to watch your control slip. watch you reach your breaking point and not be able to do anything about it. And when you eventually scream out all that tension fastly building up within you, knowing you've lost, I'm going to be right here, with my hands on the fucking trigger. My name the only thing on your thoughts before I send you off." Two people who are good at control. Except he's stronger. better. faster. And a lot more richer. A man who never thought he'd meet the girl worthy of him. He got a vixen who's every movement screamed sex on six inch heels! "This is toxic! we're going to be the death of each other. We both have the ability and capacity to burn, and we're going to burn each other to the ground" "Good. let's fuck in the ashes then. I swear to you, I won't stop until your legs are shaking and the neighbours know my name "

PROLOGUE - ‚ô†Dominikov Machiavelli

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The Order...
by Estyshawl