Dirty. Sexy. Love.[...
By Aria_Glenrose
  • Romance
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  • angst
  • badboy
  • bdsm
  • braindamage
  • dominance
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  • femdom
  • hurt
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  • love
  • mature
  • metoo
  • music
  • rockstar
  • scars
  • secondchance
  • submission
  • submissivemale
  • suicide
  • theonewhogotaway


Ten years after a one night stand that impacted both their lives, sexy rock star Asher Prince and ex-indie rocker turned public relations guru Jezebel Rue go at it again in the bathroom of the concert club La Rogue. What should have been a quick fling turns complicated after Jez realizes the next morning exactly who it was she slept with... when he shows up in her office the next morning to sign with her. Asher's hot to a start a relationship with Jez after he realizes she's the girl who got away, but a lot has happened in the last ten years. Jez isn't the same girl she used to be. He might be a household name but that doesn't impress Jez at all, and if he wants back in her bed he's going to have to learn to crawl to get there. Literally.

The Reveal!

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Dirty. Se...
by Aria_Glenrose