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By wunderlust_
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"Your destiny begins now." In a world where magic has been dormant for centuries and the warring Wolf packs of the North and South control the kingdom, Althea Aydan is forced to face a reality she never dreamed possible. With the death of her brother fresh on her mind and the rattling of her chained ankles Althea and several of the woman from her village -all whom bear the mark of a witch- are forced to meet the Alpha of the North. However, when Althea arrives the last thing that she expects is to suddenly be the mate of the most dangerous man in the kingdom, while also discovering that her dormant magic may not be as dormant as she once believed. Tossed into a world of war and betrayal Althea struggles to stay afloat in the crushing reality she now faces. Between navigating her new found magic, the Wolves of the North, and the grief of her loss Althea Aydan begins to learn that sometimes, you've got to break before you can rebuild. Alpha of the North Series: Book One Credit for the beautiful cover || @-videAlec *warning: this book will contain aspects of death, grief, violence, and the occasional suicidal thought. Stay safe lovelies and read at your own risk*

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Break ||...
by wunderlust_