Time And Space
By lonewolfpuppylol
  • Fantasy
  • anthro
  • asexual
  • becauseican
  • dimensiontraveling
  • dragon
  • dragonpeople
  • dragons
  • dragontamer
  • lizardpeople
  • magic
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Dragons. They absolutely despise humans. Humans. They absolutely despise dragons. Then there was her. A human that loved dragons and hated her own. The dragons loved her just the same. Humans hate those stronger than them that will not bow before them. She does not bow before anyone. Centuries of running from her own kind had shown her just what it was like to be hated by her own. So, she decided she wasn't going to be the one running. If they wanted her, they'd have to drag her kicking and screaming, and that wasn't something someone of her standing would allow. She was a duel user. She controls time and space, do you really think anyone could touch her? So, she recreated her life, the way she wanted to, she hopped from dimension to dimension learning about them all. She used that knowledge in her own world, she learned how to create and control magic that was not hers, how to tame dragons, how to command demons, how to defeat even the strongest of warriors. Now she keeps the peace between the dragons and the humans. Peace between the monsters. Peace between the kingdoms. Peace between the races. Even if that means she has to be the villain to do so. 'I do very bad things, and I do them very well'

Chapter 1

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Time And...
by lonewolfpuppylol