Whelved [On Hold]
By MysticaldivineF
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • amwriting
  • angst
  • apology
  • arnavsinghraizada
  • arshi
  • asr
  • attraction
  • badboy
  • beautiful
  • breakup
  • complicated
  • conspiracy
  • depression
  • detective
  • exgirlfriend
  • feelings
  • khushi
  • lethal
  • murder
  • mystery
  • nightmares
  • possessive
  • secrets
  • shortstory
  • thriller


We all have the nightmares and memories of our lives whelved into our hearts. Some of those have wounded our souls, bruised our hearts, marked our minds, some left permanent slashing marks visibly. Some carried a gentle stroke attached with our loved ones, so close to us, tucked in our memories preciously. Some filled with hope and fear protected within the layers of the heart and mind just to be insane. Certain things whelved and held in the hearts where these dwelled with a hope to carry on with life mysteries itself. In this story, you will find Arnav and Khushi playing a detective role embraced and layered with whelved secrets. Reaching into the depth of these mysteries they both get entangled with their own whelved hearts and feelings for each other more than ever. Will they ever open up or prefer to stay in their shells whelved with their wounds? Totally New story, never published anywhere/Just for Wattpad/ Mystery/Short story Coming soon


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Whelved [...
by MysticaldivineF