Legos DC Super Vill...
By Ella_Angel_5th
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For all those who like the game but are to lazy and chicken to make a story about it... Following the recent capture of y/n /Rookie who had broken into the laboratory of Professor Ivo, Commissioner Gordon oversees their transfer to Stryker's Island in Metropolis. Enlisting the aid of locked up Lex Luthor, Gordon reveals that y/n /Rookie gained the ability to absorb superpowers based on the secret Amazo Project, and offers Luthor a reduction in his prison sentence in exchange for monitoring the new villain's powers. Before Luthor agrees, his personal bodyguard Mercy Graves arrives and helps to break him and y/n /Rookie out... Thus the real adventure begins! Now if you're reading this and you're a boy than you're gonna have to be a girl for a good idc how many chapters , and if you don't like pre-made characters than i'm sorry cause this is only a name insert (ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO DC AND LEGO, OTHER THAN MY PRE-MADE CHARACTER)

A/N I will never know what it means!

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Legos DC...
by Ella_Angel_5th