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By TheReader_TheWriter_
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My name is Y/n, I'm in an abusive and Really one sided relationship with a guy named Dan, He used to threaten to kill me before when I was still Really happy about life, when I was energetic and wanted to be able to live life happily, He came along threatening to kill me if I didn't date him and if I told people about what's happening in my life I'd die, So I stayed quiet, getting depressed slowly and then I got.. suicidal, so those threats didn't work on me and I was ready to leave him finally, that gave me some hope but.. then he threatened to kill my family if I left, So now I had to stay, for their sakes, Until one day in the radio I could hear The news, He was Dead, Gone, Only pieces of clothes left and some flesh, People knew each other pretty well in this small town so they knew it was him and I was happy to be free, I ended up getting a craving to want to find the people responsible for his death, but not to put them behind bars, it was to thank them. ((As the description says, you're depressed Girl who was in an awful relationship now craving to find the people responsible for the death of your abusing Ex, hopefully This will go as well as My first story, I'm actually really excited for this one, Hope you all like it!)) [[Warning: This story contains Suicidal thoughts, Swearing and hints of Something more mature going on, continue if you're fine with that]]

Prologue (Relationship with Dan)

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ChopTop X...
by TheReader_TheWriter_