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By FioresHime
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Natsu Dragneel was forced to kill the princess of Fiore, Lucy Heartfilia, as an exchange of Igneel's freedom. He doesn't want to do it and whenever he tried on killing her by using his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, it just kept on failing. His plans to kill the princess were indeed a failure. Little did he know that Princess Lucy will change his life, will fill his empty heart with love and happiness. Yes, he might have betrayed her. But his heart also betrayed himself. How would he retrieve Igneel if Acnologia's order to kill the princess failed on it? Is there a chance on getting him back without killing someone, without hurting and betraying the love of his life? ~ ~ ~ 》 》 》 ¤ ♥ ¤ 《 《 《 ~ ~ ~ After the death of her beloved mother, Lucy Heartfilia's life became a duplicate of hell itself. Her father became cruel, ignorant, selfish and a heartless man. Whenever Lucy found a way to make everyone's spirits up, it's not even working. And yet, she felt so alone. She was tired of it, treating her with a huge amount of respect. She doesn't want that, she only wants to be treated fair. She only wants to live normally instead. Many unexpected events came to her; Exploding cars, Burning houses and more. Everything that fire has got something to do with it. But as she met a pinkette named Natsu Dragneel, her life begun to change. (c) Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima and the plot and other OC belongs to me

Combined Hearts

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by FioresHime