Winter's Nocturne
By JadedElegance
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As nights grow longer and the moon shines colder, a writer's words flow a bit more freely. The scent of candles and twinkling of lights mix with cups of hot cocoa, all wrapped up in fleece blankets to create a beautiful composition devoted to the season. This is a collection of short stories composed during the Winter months of 2019. While it may not take long to read, sometimes the smallest moments are the sweetest. "Winter's Nocturne" is a collection of short fiction that encompasses every genre and creates memorable characters that linger long after the story is read. This was created as an anthology of short stories for The Great Wattpad Write-Off, a prompt-based competition where 40 talented writers were challenged to compose touching and well-written short fiction that covers all genres. Done in Survivor-style elimination rounds, the goal was to create something strong enough to survive from week to week. "Winter's Nocturne" was the winner of this competition, taking first place in 6 out of 12 rounds--and finally claiming the title of MasterAuthor. Hosted by @thereadingcafe_ and with a beautiful cover by the incomparable @DeannaHellerErskin, this is a feeble attempt at inspiration and versatility. Please enjoy!

Blue Christmas

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