Bed Of Lies (Domest...
By RowJew_Writes
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Nobody believes that domestic violence kills and nobody believes it is detrimental to children. This world has got to wake up. To me, if there is domestic violence, if the children see it or hear it, that to me is detrimental. Batterers should have no right to children. - Anonymous Bed of Lies is a fictional story about the world we live in today. A world where victims of domestic violence (people who have witnessed violence in one form or another) are too scared to speak up. A world where sexual predators roam freely in the street while the victims of sexual assaults are stigmatized in the society. A world where children are exposed to pain, shame, hopelessness, fear, unfairness, worthlessness etc. which leaves them with a broken spirit at an early stage of their lives. Yup, unfortunately, that is the world we live in today. To all victims out there: I hope this novel changes you positively in one way or another, never forget that you are a survivor, and don't let nobody make you feel less To all the children out there: always have it in mind that only you can make this world a better place To all the sadist/Pervert out there: please, get help! P.S ~Do not copy or recreate any part of this Novel without prior notice to the Author @RowJew_Writes ~Any grammatical or typographical error should be pointed out politely in the comments section ~Don't forget to like, comment and add to your reading list!! Thank You!! Enjoy!!


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Bed Of Li...
by RowJew_Writes