Eddie on the Edge o...
By Jules_Haigler
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[EDITORS' CHOICE January - May 2020] Eddie Eversby is an orphan after her astronaut parents are killed during a failed launch to space. Now living with her cruel aunts who enjoy making her do pointless chores and serve them like a maid, Eddie finds her greatest joy to be with her friend making claymation videos. She thinks her life will be forever miserable until a small meteor crashes into her room. The glowing rock is the heart of a star and the essence of a wish. Coveted by the creatures of the universe, wishes are good money on the black market. A Wish-Hunter appears attempting to bargain for Eddie's wish in exchange for an intergalactic adventure. As the two discover the beauty of the cosmos, an evil djinn sets his sights on Eddie. She learns that when the greatest star chooses a young girl from Earth to have the most powerful wish, the whole universe is bound to take notice. Young Reader - Sci Fi - Fantasy - Adventure Featured: 🌟 Editors' Choice 🌟 Wattpad HQ's Hidden Gems Beautiful cover design by @italychick

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Eddie on...
by Jules_Haigler