Draoithe: A Pack Fo...
By opheliakee69
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Elizabeth Miller was local high school history teacher with a secret. Eli is a powerful alpha immortal tiger shifter. That fact has damaged her past relationships and forced her to relocate to Tyler. Her children are grown, and she lives alone. She is five feet two inches tall and weighs about a buck thirty. At forty eight years old her immortality holds her appearance at about thirty. She smells like shade in the summer, and when the dark blonde, olive-green eyed closet writer meets her single neighbor on a rare snow day in January, sparks fly. But the retired colonel is far more than he seems. The chocolate haired, green eyed Colonel Lucas Mendez was fifty three years old and retired military. The dire wolf inside had needed to roam free, his family had begun to remark that he still looked just as he had on his thirty fifth birthday. When he caught a glimpse of the high school teacher down the street, the canine in him sat up to take notice. At six feet two and two twenty five, he still had the same physique and strength he had as much younger man. Spinning donuts in the jeep on an iced parking lot with her left him wanting more. After she was attacked because someone was chasing him, he resolved to find a way to protect her forever.

Draoithe: A Pack Forms

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by opheliakee69