Lauren/You - My Gua...
By KatyJauregui
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Summary: Fifth Harmony are an amazingly famous girl band but sometimes the pressure they get is too overwhelming and they end up doing something stupid. That's what happens one night when paparazzis are too pushy. Because of their acts, their manager decides that it is for the best if they retire for a year in order to let things go back to normal. So he sends you in a little French town where the few harmonizers who are there have signed a contract preventing them from letting other people know who they are.They have to go back to school for a year. As they get there, they realize that the confidence they got vanished as their fame did too. They get bullied by the school bitches. But one day when Lauren is attacked, You get up and stand up for her deciding that from now on, you would be her guardian angel.

Lauren/You - My Guardian Angel - Prologue

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by KatyJauregui