I am His,and He Is...
By Leefbr
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Lelani Brew A strong black female at age 23 now joining the Fbi Agency in New York, she had to leave her home Of Easthartford Ct, her mother and older brother Kofi. Lelani is American(mother) and Ghanain from her late Father who was also on the force but died from a "stroke" but Lelani does'nt believe it .Lelani has it all the money,the education,the family,the job,and now all she needs is a man. Lelani claims that she doesnt want a man and espically not a coworker. But will all that change when she meets her partner Lorenzo Russo ???..... Lorenzo Russo is a lightskin hottie that is age 23, now joining the Fbi agency in New York leaving his home in Chicago,mom,and little sister Leona. Lorenzo is Dominican(mother) and Italian from his late father who was also on the force and died from a "heart attack at work" but Lorenzo knows better and wants to get to the bottom of his fathers death.Lorenzo has it but all he needs is a wonderful women but doesnt know if he will find one?.. But will that change when he meets his new partner Lelani Brew

The Characters

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I am His...
by Leefbr