Between a Rock and...
By LanceSchonberg
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Stuck on a primitive planet with a troop of Klingons between him and the Federation enclave, Chekov has to enlist the help of the native sentient species to stay in one piece and find his way back to the Enterprise. "Between a Rock and a Klingon" is a 21-ish-thousand word novella, told in 16 scenes. It's now completely available here, and I hope you enjoy the read. This is a work of fan fiction taking place in the Star Trek prime universe just after The Original Series time frame. The rights to Star Trek and all associated names and characters are held by CBS-Paramount and no infringement is intended. If you like Star Trek TOS fiction, I do have several other stories up on Wattpad. "Breath Control", starring Christine Chapel, freshly minted Ship's Doctor on the USS Yorktown; "Wolves and Sheepdogs", starring Lt. Leslie; and a novel-length story currently serializing, "Fractured Unity". Click on my name and you should get there without too many mouse clicks.


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Between a...
by LanceSchonberg