Ultimate Matchmaker
By Silenttrose
  • Fantasy
  • action
  • bondage
  • boylove
  • bxb
  • love
  • male
  • obsessive
  • possessive
  • protagonist
  • protective
  • reborn
  • reincarnation
  • romance
  • ropebunny
  • timetravel
  • transmigration


Shang Ke was sick, but he believed he had a curable illness yet people were too slow on establishing one. His eagerness was what pumped his confidences of ever escaping, only to find that fruitless when a handsome doctor appeared to had taken an interest in him. He was imprisoned under those intense phoenix eyes and mocking grin - stalking and noting his claim on him. As soon as Shang Ke succumbed, the man followed along with him, spouting nonsense about love and longing towards him, utter b*llshit! Not long after, Shang Ke found himself bounded to a system, forcing him to be the ultimate matchmaking devil. [Your goal is simply to be the Ultimate Matchmaking Devil and you will rise to the top, If you succeed, you will be granted a wish. If you fail, your data will be destroyed and you will restart all over again.] This book contains * Embarrassing Author Notes lol * Smut ( you will be warned before proceeding into it) * Foul language * The pictures are not mine so credit towards the creator!

[0.1] Prologue

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by Silenttrose