No Way Home
By burneplasmafire
  • Romance
  • anxiety
  • girlxgirl
  • kiss
  • lesbian
  • lgbt
  • longing
  • malfunction
  • stranded


Caroline and the crew of the Orion have battled against the mysterious aliens known as the Siphen. But as she considers the cost of that conflict, she also struggles with her longing for home, and a family she may never see again. Listening to Caroline talk about her anxiety, Isamura helps her to see that she needs a distraction to maintain her sanity. They kiss tenderly, but their newly-kindled romance is about to be sorely tested. Erica goes on an EVA from the shuttle to inspect the damage to the dimensional portal. When she and Caroline return to the Orion, a malfunction leaves them stranded in a depressurised shuttle bay. Author's note: In the chronology of the Nexus story, the events of No Way Home take place immediately before Servant of the Siphen.

Part 1

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No Way Ho...
by burneplasmafire