Roses and Weed
By the_yaldaaa
  • Romance
  • action-romance
  • afghan
  • betrayal
  • decisions
  • drugs
  • family
  • friendship
  • ganglife
  • gangs
  • gangwar
  • goodbad
  • gucci
  • guns
  • hacking
  • latino
  • life
  • love
  • postmalone
  • rivals
  • romance-ish
  • rose
  • secrets
  • toronto
  • torture


A young Afghan-Canadian girl cannot be recruited into a gang. Can she? When her past comes strolling back into her life, this young hacker must get her hands dirty to free herself from troubles she chose to live with. Soon she realizes even when her life is at the peak of happiness, everything can burn down with one wrong statement of agreement, not in print-out. Farah Nikzad is the young woman who never thought she would be tied in a murder. Regret, hate, and revenge are his ride-or-die. He joined a gang when he lost the girl he thought would be his. A Latino drug dealer and off to destroy a company at his boss' orders, he fights his past and sacrifices the rest of his life when he re-encounters 'her' again. Micheal Garcia's life will change when he covers for a life-sentencing crime.


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Roses and...
by the_yaldaaa