Complications with...
By Summerr02
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Summer Horan has always dreamed of life as a star, as her brother is Niall Horan her natural way of achieving this was through Uncle Simon, or as you call him, Simon Cowl. Moving from Ireland to Milton Keynes wasn't an easy move, losing her Dad and older brothers, she never wanted to move or live with her mother. When she auditions for BTG she is partnered up with a gorgeous young lad from Milton Keynes who she has never seen before. Summer and Bailey become friends and partners through out the show and build a strong relationship by sticking together. Unexpected visitors and problems encounter them on there journey to stardom, will there relationship stay strong or break through out the show? I'm a massive fan of Baileys and mean no offence what so ever through out the story. The few first chapters aren't the best as I didn't have spell check but I am working on it. I know my spelling isn't the best but you don't need to point that out. Please no hate. I love everyone who has taken the time to read this or the story. Would love some comments on what you think should happen. Please VOTE/ SHARE/ COMMENT.

Chapter 1

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by Summerr02