Mirai's Tears: City...
By therealbereth
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|| NOTE: This is a rough version! Find the edited and more fleshed out version on TAPAS (ongoing): https://tapas.io/series/Mirais-Tears || ON HOLD here on WP || Two men, two factions - one city at risk of annihilation. As the Royal Guard's top researcher, Alois is obligated to fulfill the tyrannical Guard Captain's every demand: even building a weapon to supposedly protect the cultural melting pot Galena and its magical crystal, symbol of the city and power source for its airships and daily needs. Yet the weapon's construction could lead to Galena's downfall. Trapped by the Guard and his own ignorance, Alois is not aware of the danger. Until he meets Zach. Thanks to this weary equality fighter - and occasional jerk - he starts to question the dubious methods that uphold the Guard Captain's rule over Galena, soon navigating deathly schemes, a freshly ignited romance, and the magic of the Goddess Mirai herself.

Act I: Imprisoned

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Mirai's T...
by therealbereth