Murder of Morgan
By Cmlwrite
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"They say 'stand up for what is right' but they also say 'there are two sides to every story'" Murder. It was a simple concept that was hard for the human mind to comprehend. Murder, a verb, the act of unlawfully killing another person. People knew what the definition was, but to really know what it meant, you would've had to experience it. November, Lydia, and Karly finally comprehended what the term murder meant when their best friend Morgan Kyle was brutally murdered by someone they didn't know. Everyone is pointing the finger at Harden Westbrook, the golden boy, the quarterback, the guy every girl wanted. Past tense, the only thing people now thought of Harden was. Could this guy be a murderer? Now November, Lydia, and Karly must find out who actually murdered their best friend before and innocent Harden goes to jail, or worse, someone else dies. -------------------------- "You can't tell anyone about this," He said, his brown eyes darkened at the thought of anyone finding out he was affiliated with Morgan Kyle. "I can't promise that Harden" He knew he was in deep when she said his full name, no one ever used it unless he was in trouble. He flinched at the use, while his eyes were closed Morgan was able to slip out closing the door. "fuck" he cursed looking at the closed door, if word got out that he had cheated on Bailey, especially with someone like Morgan. People would never look at him again. But little did Harden know, there were bigger things than his social status in the world, one of those being that he would be the last known person to ever see, touch, or hear Morgan Kyle alive again. And he would be accused of things bigger than cheating, he would be accused of murder. The murder of Morgan.

Murder Of Morgan

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Murder o...
by Cmlwrite